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An Earth Atmospheric Trust:

A proposal to stop global warming and end poverty

Below are some key characteristics of the Earth Atmospheric Trust. The Earth Atmospheric Trust is explained further in this article(pdf) and also in a recent articles published by Grist and Science (PDF).
  1. Set up a global cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emissions – all greenhouse gas emissions from all sources.
  2. Auction off all emission permits – and allow trading of permits.
  3. Gradually reduce the cap to follow the 450 ppm target (or better). The price of permits will go up and total revenues will increase as the cap is reduced.
  4. Deposit the revenues into a trust fund, managed by trustees appointed with long terms and a mandate to protect the asset (the climate and atmosphere).
  5. Return a fraction of the revenues to everyone on earth on a per capita basis. This amount will be insignificant to the rich, and much smaller than their per capita contribution to the fund, but will be enough to lift all the world’s poor out of poverty.
  6. Use the remainder of the revenues to enhance and restore the asset. They could be used to fund renewable energy projects, research and development on renewable energy, payments for ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, etc.

Special features and cautions

  • Do not allow revenues to go into the general fund of any government.

  • Appoint trustees based on their qualifications and understanding of the purposes and details of the trust, not their political affiliations.

  • Make all operations and transactions of the trust transparent by posting them open access on the internet.

  • Make trustees accountable for their actions and decisions and subject to removal if they are not managing the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries (all current and future people).

People worldwide can add their name to the list below endorsing the creation of the Earth Atmospheric Trust. Help stop global warming and end poverty by supporting the Earth Atmospheric Trust -- Endorse the Earth Atmospheric Trust Now!

      Peter Barnes, Tomales Bay Institute 
      Robert Costanza, University of Vermont 
      Paul Hawken, Natural Capital Institute 
      Elinore Ostrom, Indiana University 
      Oran Young, University of California at Santa Barbara 
      Keith Alger, Conservation International 
      Saleem Ali, University of Vermont 
      Rene Castro, INCAE, Costa Rica 
      Joshua Farley, University of Vermont 
      Eduard Müller,  
      David Orr, Oberlin University 
      Rosimeiry Portela, Conservation International 
      Alvaro Umana, International Development Bank 
      John Abrams, South Mountain Company, Inc. 
      Leslie Abramson,  
      Nathaly Agosto Filion,  
      Rafael Aguilera, Verde Group 
      Saleem Ali,  
      Juan Alvez,  
      Ann Amberg, The Heritage Institute 
      Lasse Baaner,  
      Cimbria Badenhausen, Sustainability Network 
      amos baehr,  
      Lisa Baker,  
      Christopher Barnet,  
      Xavier Basurto, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis 
      David Batker, Earth Economics 
      Steve Bazan,  
      Andrew Biggin,  
      D. Neil Bird,  
      Eric Borders,  
      Kai Bosworth,  
      Kai Bosworth,  
      David Bray,  
      Nancy Brooks,  
      David Brunckhorst, Institute for Rural Futures 
      Steffen Brunner,  
      Tracy Bryan,  
      Kenneth Cantor,  
      Kristin Carden,  
      John Chapman,  
      Cedric Chavanne,  
      Scott Cohen Dr.,  
      Luca Coscieme,  
      Cornelius Crane, RBF Dome NFP 
      Brian Davey,  
      Cameron Davis, Univerisity of Vermont 
      Richard Dawson,  
      John Dayton,  
      Henry DeGrazia,  
      john doyle,  
      Harold Draper,  
      Richard Dunn, GreenWheels Center for Sustainable Transportation 
      Georges Dyer, Greenland Enterprises 
      Max Edkins,  
      Kay Elsbree,  
      Rebecca English,  
      Ole Faergeman,  
      Jen Fisher-Bradley, Women\'s Food and Water Initiative 
      Gary Flomenhoft,  
      Christine Florence,  
      Jeff Frank, The 
      Veronica Frost,  
      Terry Galloway, Intellergy Corp. 
      Frank Goetzke,  
      Annie Greene,  
      Brian Greene,  
      Michael Haulenbeek,  
      Peter Hayes,  
      David Heap,  
      Dermot Hikisch,  
      Bruce Hogben,  
      Greg Hostetler,  
      Justin Hunkele,  
      hanoch ilsar,  
      Ross Jackson, Gaia Trust 
      Chris Jacobson,  
      Raymond Johnson,  
      John Jopling,  
      Edouard Jurkevitch,  
      Paul Justus,  
      Papa Khalil Ka,  
      Daniel Kirk, University of Vermont 
      Daniel Kirk, University of Vermont 
      Michael Kirk, University of Vermont 
      Carl Leopold,  
      Bruce LeRoy, BBLeRoy dot com 
      Terry Loucks,  
      Darryl Luscombe,  
      Uri Marinov, POB 3162 
      Patrick Marks, The Green Arcade 
      Richard Mathis,  
      Colin McClung,  
      Lindsay McInnes,  
      Tara McKellar,  
      Wallace McMullen,  
      Joseph Meyer, VIVANT-Ostbelgien 
      Madeleine Morley,  
      Cory Morningstar, Council of Canadians London Chapter 
      Cory Morningstar, M E M E S - Movement of Environmental Minimalists Embracing Sustainability 
      Cory Morningstar, LOVE - London Organization of Vegetarians for the Environment 
      Cory Morningstar,  
      Cory Morningstar, Cinema Politica London 
      david morris, Institute for Local Self-Reliance 
      Bill Mott,  
      Bill Mott,  
      Erik Nielsen,  
      Jan-Andries Olivier,  
      Jan-Andries Olivier,  
      Roberta Paro,  
      Lael Parrott, Complex Systems Laboratory, Université de Montréal 
      Bill Perk, World Service Authority, WGWC 
      David Perk,  
      Felix Pharand, Globaïa 
      Nicolas Pinel,  
      Eli Pollak,  
      Nichola Raihani,  
      Sophie Reed,  
      Matthew Riddle,  
      Michael Riehle,  
      Margo Ritchie,  
      Erin Robinson,  
      Amy Robinson, Center for Economic Development and Research Stewardship 
      Kit Robinson,  
      Alan Rollins,  
      Denise Romesburg,  
      Michel Roudot,  
      Verónica Sáenz,  
      Andrea Saenz-Arroyo, Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C 
      Mike Sandler, Carbon Share 
      Monte P. Sanford,  
      Kathleen Sayce,  
      Matt Sayre,  
      Dirk Schweitzer, Planet Earth 
      Maria Sepulveda,  
      Jimmy Sinton, The Institute for Sustainable and Life Supporting Enterprise 
      Adam B. Smith,  
      Jason Sohigian,  
      Liz Springford,  
      Robert Steininger,  
      Paul Suckow, Texas Southern University 
      JOHN TANNER,  
      Elizabeth Thompson, Ecology Action 
      Fabiana Tock,  
      Ben Tomlinson,  
      Roger Tsabetsaye , Tsabetsaye Jewelry 
      Sergio Ulgiati,  
      Lizbeth Upitis,  
      Peter van Schaick,  
      Yoshihiko Wada,  
      Laura Wurst,  
      Raphael Zara,  
      Quinton Zondervan,